Group business that helps Ukrainian military in the area ATO.

The main products – a high-tech guidance system intelligence and artillery systems (including unmanned flying vehicles) and equipment for soldiers.

The system allows you to quickly and accurately strike enemy positions, and provides highly accurate cartography that the military could target areas.

System «ARTA» solves the following problems:

Find the goal – the first problem that solves gunner.
A serious problem that haunts Ukrainian Armed Forces – outdated maps.

Geographic information system of “Art” provides the most current data aerial photography. They easily navigate the terrain and direct the target and thus confidently hit her.

maximum precision
2 m – accuracy, which achieves our system.
Moreover, this accuracy is achieved quickly and without sighting.

Taking into account dozens of options for any weapons that have the Armed Forces of Ukraine, GIS ARTA to quickly give guns and do not give the enemy a chance to escape from the fire.


The system contains:

Calibrated during a given area integrated GPS-receiver

The exact digital terrain models (including elevation map)

The algorithms that take into account all available options
Precision aerial photographs in 2011, satellite imagery for the year 2013-2014

Statistical data basic types of weapons and the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Saw-resistant and moisture Shockproof performance of all system components.