RPPC «Sparing-Vist Center»

Науково-виробниче приватне підприємство “Sparing-Vist Center” is known in Ukraine and the world as a developer and manufacturer of instruments and systems of radiation control brand “Ecotest.”
NVPP “Sparing-Vist Center” – a team of highly skilled professionals is rapidly evolving and committed to a common goal: to protect people from the invisible but real threat – radiation. Because staff “Sparing-Vist Center” constantly working to solve this issue is always current, creating devices that can detect, locate and measure radiation in the environment of human.
Products brand “Ecotest” exhibited in many prestigious international exhibitions, various conferences and seminars, it repeatedly pointed out state awards.
The basic principles of business is to focus on customer needs and capabilities, integrated approach to solving the control of radiation situation and ongoing development of the company and staff.