«Liko-Schmeisser» Ltd.

«Liko-Schmeisser» Ltd. has been providing consulting and engineering services since 1998, since the signing of the contract with the West German arms company Schmeiss International. The contract for the development of a range of pistols of different types based on the base model for production in Ukraine at the JV “Schmeisser” was successfully implemented and all models were presented at the IWA’2000 exhibition in Nuremberg. As part of the development, a new technology of rifled barrels for pistols was proposed, now such trunks are imported from the Czech Republic by a well-known enterprise from the power department, without this technology.
Among the customers – and firms related to the defense and aerospace industry. Evaluations were made of the developed projects in terms of design and technological properties, variants of some specific tasks were suggested (one of them is the artillery launch of a satellite into a low orbit), etc.
The team includes experts in the field of audit and certification in the ISO system.

UP-50 kit

With the use of new and nowhere in the world of parts not used for these purposes, the kit is turned into the simplest security device and is used for PROTECTION OF THE OBJECT OR ITS PERIMETER, used by some private security companies for the protection of fields, construction sites. In comparison with a signal revolver / pistol, analogue for its intended purpose, the SIG-50 starting device (army index 7I3), included in the UP-50 kit, has a mass of 4-5 times smaller, incomparably smaller dimensions (a ballpoint pen!), And the cost 10-15 times smaller than the signal pistol and yet – reliable attachment with a carbine on clothing or equipment. However, the UP-50 kit has still consumer properties not characteristic for signal revolvers / pistols – REMOTE SHAFT CONTROL, which is used to guard the object or its perimeter. A similar but more complex device for construction and operation is used in the armed forces, called the “signal mine”. With the same addition, the UP-50 kit is used by airports to protect and discourage birds.

The set is irreplaceable in places and conditions of absence of radio and telephone communication (active activity in the mountains, in cold and damp conditions with subsequent discharge of batteries), emergency designation of your location, object podvetstve or course. Its cost is incompatible with the cost of living with such a small size – 100mm length and 100g weight!


Состав комплекта UP-50 :

– пусковое устройство SIG-50 (SIG-50-01 –исполнение только с предохранительным взводом) с установленным ударником центрального боя,

– сигналы/ракеты пиротехнические сигнальные – (армейский индекс 7С8) и капсюли «Жевело» с адаптером для них -для холостого выстрела,

– запасной ударник бокового боя для соответствующих ракет и холостых патронов,

– упаковка-пакет «струна» для герметичной сохранности/пластмассовый бокс/ деревянный пенал,

– руководство по эксплуатации.

*) Для обеспечения охраны периметра  основной  комплект  UP-50 может поставляться  в  комплектации  №4  – “Сигнальная мина” с  сошником  для установки пускового устройства SIG-50 в грунт, на столб (предусмотрены отверстия для крепежа – под  гвозди, шнур и другие подручные детали).